Targeted Immune Activation with

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Azonafide Release and Cell Death

Oncolinx is developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which carry an Azonafide cytotoxin attached to an antibody specifically to tumor cells and not healthy cells, thereby avoiding many of the side effects associated with traditional forms of chemotherapy.  The Azonafide has the unique ability to both induce cancer cell death and activate the immune system through immunogenic cell death (ICD).  These pathways have shown unique efficacy in treating drug-resistant tumors and cancer stem cells.


Oncolinx is partnered with more than 16 leading pharmaceutical companies.  In addition, we work with several academic groups and startups with respect to protein/aptamer-drug conjugates and immunotherapy combination studies.



Cancer Cell Membrane


Lysosomal Internalization


Azonafide Payload Attached to Antibody



Subnanomolar - Picomolar Potency Across Cancers


Azonafides are a class of DNA intercalators with the ability to conjugate to an antibody via an amide linkage.  Potency has been validated across all NCI-60 cell lines including colorectal, lung, breast, renal, and other solid and blood cancers.

Immunogenic Cell Death (ICD) Activation and Efficacy in Drug-Resitant Tumors

Mechanism of action leads to single and double stranded DNA breaks that induce cell killing in a cell cycle independent manner.  This mechanism has shown efficacy in drug-resistant tumors and cancer stem cells (CSCs).  In addition, the Azonafides stimulate ICD resulting in dendritic cell activation and T cell epitope spreading.

Patented and Developed with Academic Institutions

Issued US patent in 2011, pending in EU, and several patent-pending molecules based on structure-activity relationship studies.

The NCI-60 Human Tumor Cell Lines Screen showed that the Azonafide payload outperformed all other existing payloads on the market, with the ability to completely eliminate almost all tumor cells past the Lethal Dose 50 (LD50) value when most payloads can only inhibit cell growth.

Partnership Strategy 

Company or academic group interested in testing antibody or other targeting platform with the Azonafide.
Engage in shared-data Material-Transfer Agreement (MTA), where Oncolinx can conjugate the Azonafide via patented linker technology to your antibody and build a testable ADC.
In vitro and in vivo proof-of-concept studies to generate a complete data package for review.
Design of IND enabling studies and agreement on commercialization and clinical trial strategies.

Industry MTAs


(16+ Partnerships)

Internal ADC Development


(6 Academic Collaborations)


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